Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A B C's Of the Civil War

J is for
John Hunt Morgan, was a famed Confederate cavalry raider who made many raids into Northern territory. He escaped from the Ohio Penitentiary by digging a tunnel and escaping Hollywood style.

K is for
Kansas, the sight of many raids and deaths before and during the Civil War. Before the war it was known as "Bleeding Kansas" because of the many partisan raids on the settlers there. The raids were because of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the issue of whether or not Kansas should be a free or slave state.
L is for
General William Loring served in the United States Army before the war and served in the Confederate Army during the war. He lost an arm at the battle of Ezra Church. After the war he served in the Egytpian Army and he ran unsucsesfully for a seat in the senate.

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